National Defense

Retiring as a Brigadier General after serving nearly 30 years in the United States Air Force, Rep. Bacon’s extensive experience in national service has earned him a seat on the House Armed Services Committee, prioritizing the readiness of our nation’s military and the safety of the American people.

In Congress, Rep. Bacon is committed to enhancing America’s military readiness to deter and combat emerging threats through vital defense legislation, such as the National Defense Authorization Act, and by serving as Co-Chair of the Electromagnetic Warfare Caucus, the Airborne ISR Caucus, and the GPS Caucus.

Rep. Bacon’s defense priorities include:
• Ensuring military readiness to deter and defeat threats in air, land, sea, space and cyberspace.
• Providing for an effective, safe, reliable and secure nuclear deterrent.
• Increasing national biodefense readiness and surge medical capacity.
• Improving joint electromagnetic warfare readiness.
• Advancing the mission readiness and modernization of Offutt Air Force Base.
• Accelerating detection, diagnosis and treatments for traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress.
• Reducing the prevalence and destructive effects of military sexual assault.
• Improving the effectiveness of the military education enterprise.
• Caring for military families and survivors.
• Strengthening our network of military alliances and regional security partnerships.