Veterans History Project


Congressman Bacon is proud to have his office participating in the Veterans History Project, and he encourages you to join in.  His office is helping to collect and preserve some of America’s greatest treasures, the stories of our war veterans and their civilian supporters.

These amazing stories are disappearing as those who served in America’s wars pass on.  In an effort to save these treasures, the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project was designed by Congress to record, preserve, and make accessible the first-hand accounts of American war veterans from all our past wars. These will be made available to future generations so they may hear directly from veterans about the realities of their wars.

The process is simple and rewarding: For example, to gather an oral history, download the kit at the Library of Congress site, invite a vet to sit down with you, then turn on your recording equipment and ask questions about their experience.

There are several ways to submit stories to the project.  Oral interviews, both video and audio, letters, scrapbooks, photo albums, and more are all being collected and preserved at the Library of Congress. Families, friends, fellow veterans, Eagle Scouts, retirement homes, universities, and many others are helping to gather these stories and materials.

For more information on the Project and an explanation of the oral interview and materials gathering process, go to the Veterans History Project website:

Please call 402-938-0300 to arrange to pick up a field kit at Congressman Bacon's Omaha Office.  If you wish, our office would be happy to assist you with your project and/or forward your completed interview to the Library of Congress.