Bacon Named to NDAA Conference Committee for Second Time in First Term

June 27, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Speaker Paul Ryan named Congressman Don Bacon (NE-02) as a House Armed Services Committee conferee to the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) conference committee. A conference committee resolves the differences between Senate and House versions of the same bill. Rep. Bacon previously served on the FY18 NDAA conference committee.

“I want to thank Speaker Ryan for naming me as a conferee to the NDAA conference committee. This is an important step in the legislative process for the NDAA,” said Rep. Bacon. “The NDAA provides our men and women in uniform with the resources and training needed to combat today’s threats and enemies. As a retired Brigadier General in the Air Force, I bring my experiences from four deployments and as a two-time base commander to Congress to better serve our servicemembers. Included in the House NDAA text are more than a dozen of my legislative priorities that restore readiness and prioritize the needs of members of the military and their families. I look forward to working with my Senate colleagues on this bill and having the president sign it into law.”