Rep. Bacon Leads Main Street Caucus School Safety Working Group

March 12, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC- Congressman Don Bacon (NE-02), a member of the Republican Main Street Caucus, is spearheading a new School Safety Working Group, to focus on finding ways to make America’s schools safer and explore the various reasons behind school shootings.

“At my recent meeting with superintendents in my district on school security, we discussed various possible causes that may contribute to a violent mentality, as well as best scenarios for school safety,” said Rep. Bacon. “I will be using their insights and ideas to help the working group establish and review priorities, as well as look at possible legislation that will best support our schools and ensure they have the resources to protect students.”

Under Rep. Bacon’s leadership, the Main Street Caucus has identified initial priorities and supporting legislation they will back:

  • Provide immediate funding for the Secure Our Schools Grant Program.

Chairman Rodney Davis (IL-13) is leading a bipartisan letter requesting $150 million, more than nine times the amount that has ever been appropriated, for Secure Our Schools grants to be included in this year’s funding bill that must be passed by March 24.

  • Provide robust funding for programs, such as the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative, that identify and address the root causes of school violence.
  • Authorize grants for additional safety measures in schools, such as alert buttons.  

Rep. Mike Bost (IL-12) has introduced the bipartisan Securing Our Schools (SOS) Act, which establishes a pilot program through the Department of Justice (DOJ) to make panic buttons more available to local school systems. The legislation is supported by the National Sheriffs Association.

“My colleagues and I in this working group will explore legislative ways to make our schools safe, and provide additional resources for schools, law enforcement agencies, or mental health initiatives, among others to ensure Congress takes this issue seriously,” said Rep. Bacon. “I heard those superintendents from my meeting loud and clear-we must find ways to make school environments safe for our children.”