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Bacon Votes to Cut Deficit and Get Financial House in Order

Bacon Votes to Cut Deficit and Get Financial House in Order

 Washington – Rep Don Bacon (NE-02) issued the following statement after voting for the Inflation Reduction Act:

 “The United States is $32T in debt and the Biden budget projected $19T more deficits in the coming decade. This is unsustainable and puts our country on a fiscal house of cards. The Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 is a first step towards getting our financial house in order. This bill cuts spending by $1.5T over the next ten years, the largest cut in our nation’s history. This bipartisan bill responsibly raises the debt ceiling until 2025 while also capping discretionary funding to only 1% increase each year. The bill pumps the brakes on non-defense discretionary spending, without any cuts to mandatory spending, such as Social Security. It delivers wins for the American people, including clawing back COVID-19 funds, rescinding the funding for the IRS agents in 2024, ensuring the care our Veterans earned, and reducing the deficit.”