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Bacon Issues Response to Biden’s SOTU

Bacon Issues Response to Biden’s SOTU

Washington. – Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) issued the following response after President Biden’s State of the Union Address:

"Pres. Biden missed the mark tonight on border security and inflation. He failed to acknowledge his responsibly for the mess at our borders. He ended the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy; he sued the State of Texas for protecting itself and this country; and threatened to remove the fencing and wire that is keeping the illegal migrants from getting into the country in that area.  In addition, 40 percent of catch and release illegal migrants have disappeared. Who’s winning this war? Criminals, murderers, sex traffickers and drug cartels. Not Americans. Republicans have passed HR 2 the Secure the Border Act and the Laken Riley Act, and voted to hold Sec. Myorkas responsible for his failures by voting to impeach.

“Biden also won’t admit how families are suffering due to Bidenflation.  With food prices up 20.8 percent, rent up 19.5 percent, average monthly home payments up 90 percent since 2020, and overall inflation up 17.9 percent, Americans are spending over $11,400 more annually to buy the basics. The fact that he doesn’t understand these issues says more about his lack of effectiveness as a President than anything else. Since taking the majority, House Republicans have fought to rein in Biden’s reckless spending and restore fiscal responsibility to Washington.”

 “Finally, the President kept mentioning his predecessor, but under his predecessor Ukraine and Israel were much safer. They weren’t attacked. And he neglected to acknowledge the rising antisemitism in campuses across America.”