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Bacon Votes Yes on Consolidated Approps Bill

Bacon Votes Yes on Consolidated Approps Bill

Washington - Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) issued the following statement after voting yes on the Consolidated Approps Bill:

"We cannot simply allow the government to shut down and some of my colleagues are willing to do this. What does that mean? That means Border patrol agents and members of the military will be working but won’t be getting paid. How long would a shutdown last? Do we expect the families of those who are working to financially suffer? Not be able to buy food, pay their mortgage or rent? Pay that electrical bill? The only other option would’ve been to pass a year-long CR at fiscal year 23 levels and continue Nancy Pelosi’s policies."

"In addition to those reasons, I voted yes because it delivers major conservative victories including funding the highest number of Border Patrol agents ever, and an increase in overtime pay for our agents. It also fully funds the military with a focus on countering China, ensures that no funds are used to enforce a COVID vaccine mandate in the military, cuts $574 million from wasteful climate change programs at the DoD, and prohibits these funds from being used to promote CRT in the military. Finally, this bill maintains the Hyde Amendment, ensuring federal taxpayer dollars cannot be used for abortions, provides pro-life protections that ensure doctors and nurses are not forced to perform abortions, and maintains the Dickey Amendment, which ensures that federal funds cannot be used to advocate for gun control."

 "In the end, this bill gave us more wins than losses which is why I supported it."