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Rep. Bacon Issues Statement Following Release of Tax Reform Framework

Washington, DC, September 27, 2017

After today’s release of tax reform framework, Congressman Don Bacon (NE-02) released the following statement:

"It's been 31 years since we updated our tax code, and now is the time for tax reform.  We propose tax reform that is fair, simple, and helps us compete and win in the global economy. This reform will unleash economic growth, increase employment and will put more money back in the pockets of American families. Each year, taxpayers spend a combined $99 billion and countless hours to file their taxes and they want simplicity. Our businesses currently pay among the highest taxes in the world and it is time we put our businesses on a level playing field, so that our work ethic and innovative spirit wins. Lowering rates while removing loopholes will create fairness amongst businesses.

I look forward to working with my House colleagues to pass comprehensive legislation that will reduce the tax burden on families, small business owners, and businesses in Nebraska’s Second Congressional District. The time is now to fix our broken tax code and pass a budget resolution to enable this work to continue."