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Rep. Bacon Introduces the Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Readiness Act of 2018

Congressman Don Bacon (R-NE-02), House Armed Services Committee member and Electronic Warfare Working Group Co-Chair, has introduced the bipartisan H.R. 5522, Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Readiness Act of 2018 (JEMSORA), one of his 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) priorities. Original co-sponsors of this legislation include Electronic Warfare Working Group Co-Chair Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA-08), fellow Armed Services Committee Members Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA-24) and Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA-20). 

The electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is the physical environment that includes electronic radiation produced by radios, radars, mobile phones, navigation systems, and other types of military equipment.  Modern warfare requires the United States to protect its ability to use the EMS while simultaneously denying its use by the enemy through activities like jamming and deception.  

“As a career electronic warfare officer in the Air Force, I understand the critical importance of dominating the electromagnetic spectrum in combat,” said Rep. Bacon. “This legislation will ensure the Department of Defense remains focused on this goal by requiring that it develop an advanced simulation capability, ensure better joint integration, and provide regular updates to Congress. We have lost our edge in this critical domain and need to quickly restore readiness in the electromagnetic spectrum to ensure we can execute the National Defense Strategy.”

“Department of Defense operations have become increasingly dependent on electromagnetic spectrum access across all domains. To improve national security readiness, effectiveness, and efficiency, Congress must encourage coordination of Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations,” said Rep. Panetta. “This bill will help inform procurement, force development and operational planning and keep the Department accountable to Congress.”

The Association of Old Crows, the world’s largest electronic warfare advocacy group, provided their endorsement of H.R. 5522 through a letter provided to Rep. Bacon.

“JEMSORA is pivotal legislation at exactly the right time. The Department of Defense and Congress must work together to advance Joint EMS operations (JEMSO)…we greatly appreciate your leadership and boldness in sponsoring this legislation to find creative solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our national defense.” – Lisa Fruge-Cirilli, President of Association of Old Crows. To read the letter, click here.

Key provisions of H.R. 5522 include:

  • Requiring the Department of Defense to develop a capability to conduct campaign modeling and war-gaming for joint electromagnetic spectrum operations (JEMSO).
  • Conducting a joint force sufficiency assessment of JEMSO capabilities required to support the National Defense Strategy.
  • Providing an interim update to Congress by January 2019 on JEMSO readiness, command and control, organizational alignment, and personnel management, and regular updates to Congress each year as part of the President’s budget submission.