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Fifteen Proposals Championed By Bacon Included in FY20 NDAA

Includes Funding for Bases Devastated by Recent Natural Disasters

Washington, DC, June 13, 2019

 Congressman Don Bacon (NE-02) a member of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC), recently completed the committee’s 21 hour-marathon consideration of H.R. 2500, the Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  Rep. Bacon, an Air Force veteran and retired Brigadier General, is a leading congressional advocate for the armed services and military families. 

“This legislation provides the resources and authorities needed to continue strengthening our national security and support service members and their families,” said Rep. Bacon.  “I am especially grateful for the committee’s support for my amendment to authorize funding for military bases devastated by recent natural disasters.  While I am opposed to several provisions in this bill, on balance I believe it is ready to move forward in the legislative process.”

Rep. Bacon won a hard-fought battle to secure authorization for $2.3 billion in emergency construction funding for military bases in Nebraska, Florida and North Carolina that suffered heavy damage in recent storms.  After identifying that these funds were not included in the bill by the Democrat majority, Bacon worked aggressively to educate and build support among other members of the committee.   Added to the urgency, funds recently approved by the House Appropriations Committee were made contingent on a corresponding authorization by HASC.

“We had to work fast in a bi-partisan way and we eventually got it over the line,” Bacon said.  “Securing emergency military construction funds is a big win for Nebraska and the Omaha metro region.”   

Other legislative proposals championed by Rep. Bacon and incorporated in the bill include:

  • 3.1 percent pay raise for military personnel.
  • Authorization of more than $400 million for upgrades to Offutt-based aircraft.
  • Prohibition on retirement of RC-135 aircraft.
  • Establishment of the Space Corps within the Department of the Air Force.
  • Report on the Air Force proposal to increase the number of operational squadrons. 
  • Operational assessment of military airborne reconnaissance force structure.
  • Requirement for senior military officials to meet regularly with Gold Star families and survivors of deceased service members.
  • Prohibition on the use of Russian energy in US military installations.
  • Assessment of a Pentagon proposal to consolidate commissaries and exchanges.
  • Authorization of $29 million for the construction of an Army National Guard readiness center in Bellevue.
  • Authorization of $10 million for deployment of portable blood test equipment for traumatic brain injuries.
  • Enhanced reporting of blast pressure exposure by service members.
  • Authorization of $6 million for the study of global terrorism.
  • Sense of Congress on Taiwan.

The bill now moves forward for consideration by the full House of Representatives next month. 

“I do disagree with the bill’s stipulations on Guantanamo Bay and securing our southern border, that need to be fixed before the bill will earn my vote on the House floor,” said Rep. Bacon.