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Bacon and Problem Solvers Caucus Unveil the “March to Common Ground” Framework to Help Break Gridlock

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, Congressman Don Bacon (NE-02) and his 49 colleagues on the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus – 25 Democrats and 25 Republicans – unveiled the “March To Common Ground” framework to help break the gridlock on the latest COVID-19 relief package and encourage negotiators to get back to the table. 

The 50-member bipartisan Caucus developed and came together in support of the framework after extensive listening to constituents and outreach to stakeholders over the past six weeks.

While Nebraska and Omaha have fared better than most of the country, the economic recovery has been uneven among certain segments of our community and they are hurting. Some of those areas include the live entertainment industry and venues, transportation including busing, childcare centers, small business and non-profits, and agriculture. The package also includes direct assistance to individuals and families.

“The ‘my way or the highway’ D.C.  philosophy is hurting our country. Our system of government designed by James Madison requires consensus building and compromise, which are four-letter words in today’s environment,” said Rep. Bacon. “The work of the Problem Solvers today provides hope that Congress can come together across the aisle and solve the most pressing issues our country is facing.”

The full framework can found here