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Rav Dovid Hofstedter // A candid conversation with the founder of Dirshu and Acheinu

On Isru Chag, May 19, Rav Dovid Hofstedter called me from the United States Capitol and asked me to participate via telephone in a meeting he was having with Donald John Bacon, the representative for Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district. He had previously invited me to fly with him to Washington, DC, to meet a dozen or so congressmembers, but I was unable to make it.

When I got on the phone, Congressman Bacon was expressing his appreciation for everything that the organization Dirshu, which was founded by Rabbi Hofstedter, is accomplishing in the field of religious education. I gently corrected him, saying that Dirshu isn’t so much an organization but the alter ego of Rav Hofstedter. “You’re meeting with a person,” I told him, “who has done more for education than any other individual on the face of earth.” I believe that anyone who is familiar with Dirshu would concur with my statement and its sentiments.

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