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Bacon: 'Toxic' D.C. atmosphere since Jan. 6 threatens to undermine 'greatest country in the world'

Combat veteran Don Bacon can’t easily shake the image of an angry mob of supporters of President Donald Trump storming his workplace, the U.S. Capitol, last Jan. 6.

Some rioters battered police officers with fire extinguishers and bludgeoned them with American flags while shouting “hang Mike Pence.”

Five people died in the melee. At least 140 police officers were wounded. The riots caused about $1.5 million in damage to the Capitol.

“They didn’t have a right to break in and do what they did,” said Bacon, a retired Air Force brigadier general who has represented Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District since 2017, shortly after the attack. “Let’s rein this back in.”

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