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WASHINGTON D.C. – Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) today announced that his bill, H.R. 5658, the DHS Roles and Responsibilities in Cyber Space Act, passed the House after favorable consideration by the Homeland Security Committee. This bill is aimed at helping protect private industry from cyber-attacks from other nations such as Russia and China. The bill passed with a vote of 313 to 105.

With the passage of this bill, the Department of Homeland Security has been tasked with developing a strategy that reviews cyber-response policies and recommends improvements to ensure federal cyber incident response plans are updated to match the rapidly evolving threat.

In the summer of 2021, both JBS Foods, the world’s largest meat processor, and Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline operator in the United States, fell victim to foreign cyber criminals, demonstrating the gaps and vulnerabilities American companies face in combating ransomware attacks. The JBS Foods was forced to suspend operations in nine locations on account of the cyber-attacks, including one in Nebraska.

“A close partnership between the federal government and the private sector is vital to countering cyber-attacks from other countries that threaten our national security, economy, and way of life,” said Bacon. “I thank members from both parties for supporting this legislation which will guide necessary improvements to our federal incident response plans on private sector businesses and commercial operators of our critical infrastructure across the country.”

Earlier this month, AGCO Corp, an agricultural equipment maker experienced a ransomware attack that affected operations at some of its production facilities. Tractor sales had been stalled during the crucial planting season. The ransomware attack comes at a time U.S. agricultural equipment makers were already facing persistent supply chain disruptions and labor strikes that left them unable to meet equipment demand from farmers.

 “This is another reason why my cyber security bill should be enacted in law. American companies are being attacked and it's unacceptable. If we want to remain a global leader, more must be done to ensure we are prepared to defend our businesses and defeat these attacks,” added Bacon. 

Bacon formerly served on the Homeland Security Committee from 2017 to 2019, and currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee. 

A copy of the bill’s text can be found here.