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Bacon Votes Against Bill That Does Nothing to Stop Gun Violence

Washington, D.C. – Today Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) voted no on H.R.7910, although supporting one section, because overall it punishes law-abiding citizens and does little to nothing to stop gun violence. He supported the one provision that requires the Attorney General to submit a written report one year after the bill is enacted. The report would be on the demographic data of people who were determined to be ineligible to purchase a firearm based on a background check.

Bacon expressed his frustration that the different sections focused on law-abiding citizens and not criminals, and that Speaker Pelosi did not include any input nor want any input from Republicans, or work with them, like the U.S. Senate is doing with their legislation. If any meaningful legislation gets passed, it will come from the Senate where Republicans and Democrats are working together.

“I have introduced legislation strengthening penalties against straw purchases, an act where someone buys a gun for another person, who is not legally allowed to have one because law enforcement have told ne this is the top thing we can do to restrict criminals’ access to guns,” said Bacon. “But this bill would make it illegal to purchase a gun for someone who is lawfully allowed to have a firearm or to lend someone your firearm if they want to use it for firearm training purposes. Why are we punishing someone who is following the law and not punishing someone who isn’t?”

“In fact, it would be a felony to purchase a gun as a gift for a friend who is legally able to have one,” he added.

Bacon also expressed his concern with raising the age to purchase certain firearms.

“I oppose raising the age of purchase because this country trusts young adults at the age of 18 to vote and to serve in the military protecting our country,” added Bacon. “So why aren’t they considered mature enough to purchase a gun? If a person has a record of violence, then I would support, but I cannot when this impacts adults who have done nothing wrong.”

In addition, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently struck down California’s ban on under-21 gun sales because it deemed it unconstitutional.

Finally, Bacon pointed to the fact that this legislation does nothing to address mental health issues or to increase security in schools.

“What this piece of legislation does not do is address how the shooter in the majority of these incidents has exhibited concerning behaviors on social media and in public and it does not provide mental health services to those who need it,” said Bacon. “Finally, it does not do anything to keep perpetrators out of our schools. I urge my colleagues to reconsider this bill and provide real solutions to this issue. If every measure in this bill was passed, there would still be a significant need to improve school security, and this bill does nothing in this area.”