Rep. Bacon Votes on Legislation to Fund Government

December 21, 2017
Press Release
Democrats Continue to Hold Defense Budget Hostage

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today Congressman Don Bacon (NE-02) issued the following statement after the House voted on legislation to fund the government:

“While I am disappointed in the Democrats who were whipped into voting against funding of the government, which is playing with the lives of our men and women in uniform by holding defense spending hostage, I agree with Defense Secretary Mattis and other military leaders that this Continuing Resolution (CR) is the best course of action for now. Nebraskans and all Americans deserve to have a funded and operational government able to protect them from terrorists and cyber security threats, while also providing funds for needed services such as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and community health centers such as OneWorld and Charles Drew in Omaha. In addition, shutting down the government would be irresponsible because hardworking men and women, including those in uniform at Offutt Air Force Base, deserve their paychecks.

However, we cannot continue to kick the can down the road with CRs, as our military cannot access the increased funding Congress has passed five times. This places restrictions on training and modernization which cripples our military readiness. By using stall tactics such as not voting to fund the government, Democrats are placing their political agenda of dollar per dollar match with domestic spending ahead of the mission and preparedness of our men and women in uniform. Senate Democrats should vote and not play political games with our national security when North Korea is estimated to have 60 nuclear weapons and we are fighting Islamic extremists in the Middle East.

This CR also provides supplemental funding for CHIP, which delivers low-cost health insurance to children in families that earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid. This fall, the House passed a full five-year reauthorization for CHIP funding that awaits passage in the Senate. This supplemental funding allows the Senate to finalize their CHIP package so Congress can provide assurance to Nebraska families who rely on this national program. Community Health Centers will also receive supplemental funding allowing them to assist those in need.

In the new year, I look forward to working with my House colleagues to ensure our military is fully funded at levels passed by Congress. It is way past time for Democrats to pass appropriations bills and provide funding for our military.”