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Bacon, Spanberger to Introduce Growing Climate Solutions Act

Washington, D.C. –Congressman Don Bacon (NE-R-02) joined Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (VA-D-07) to announce plans to introduce the Growing Climate Solutions Act in the House. Introduced in the Senate by Senators Mike Braun (R-IN) and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), the bill seeks to help farmers, ranchers and foresters participate in the voluntary carbon market by establishing a Greenhouse Gas Technical Assistance Provider and Third-Party Verifier Certification Program through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

Through the Certification Program, USDA will help connect landowners to private sector actors who can monetize their sustainable farming practices. This will allow private landowners the ability to generate purchasable carbon credits and increase their yearly revenues. Through the program, USDA will administer a new website, which will serve as a “one stop shop” of information and resources for producers and foresters who are interested in participating in this marketplace.

“Many of our nation’s farmers and foresters do not know how to implement projects or navigate the current carbon credit marketplace,” said Rep. Bacon. “As a strong supporter of our agriculture and environmental industries, I am pleased to lead this bill in the House and help reduce barriers for our agriculture sector. Nebraska farmers and ranchers take great pride in being good environmental stewards and this bill can help them monetize that.”

“Central Virginia farmers and producers have a long record of successful participation in USDA’s voluntary conservation programs. They truly understand the complex ecosystems they inhabit, and they’re proud to be stewards of the land. At the federal level, we can do more to support them as they embrace practices that both boost yields and contribute to sustainable, climate-friendly farming practices,” said Spanberger. “The Growing Climate Solutions Act is an opportunity to make carbon credits more accessible to our district’s growers, and I’m proud to introduce this legislation alongside my colleague Congressman Bacon. Our legislation would also provide new technical assistance for farmers looking to enroll in the carbon marketplace, and it would support ongoing efforts related to carbon sequestration, grassland management, on-site energy generation, and more. Farmers were our nation’s first conservationists, and with their voices at the table, they’ll be instrumental in tackling the climate challenges of the future.”

This bill will help reduce the barriers to market entry and help our nation’s farmers, ranchers, and foresters promote sustainable farming practices.