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Bacon Slams Incomplete, Partisan, and Unvetted Budget Reconciliation Package Pushed Through by House Dems

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) issued the following statement after Democrats on the House Agriculture Committee pushed through a $66 billion incomplete, partisan, and unvetted budget reconciliation package.

“It is disappointing that House Democrats passed this bill which includes pet projects and doesn’t dedicate a dime to programs such as the commodity safety net, crop insurance, rural broadband, or disaster assistance. The AG Dems didn’t accept a single GOP amendment in over 10.5 hours of deliberations. They didn’t seek our input nor want our support. It is clear they are in full support of Speaker Pelosi’s $3.5T spending spree and $3T tax increases, which leave America’s farmers and ranchers in the dust and will cripple our economy.

 “The HAC has a long history of bipartisanship, but there was no evidence of it this past week. Democrats should’ve looked to how the Republican Committee Leadership reached both sides of the aisle for the 2018 Farm Bill by hosting more than 100 public events to better understand the needs of our farmers and ranchers.”