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Infrastructure bill passed by Congress includes $2.5 billion for Nebraska roads

Nebraska is set to receive billions of dollars from the federal government for roads and other infrastructure after passage by Congress of a long-awaited bill.

The $1 trillion bipartisan plan includes billions of dollars for items viewed as traditional infrastructure, including roads, bridges, public transit, airports, the electric grid and other areas.

In most of those categories, it remains to be seen how much money Nebraska will receive. But a few state-level figures were shared by the office of Sen. Deb Fischer in August after the Senate passed the bill.

Nebraska will receive about $2.5 billion to maintain and repair roads and highways. The state will also receive $216 million for two programs that provide low-interest loans for building or improving water and wastewater systems.

The state is poised to receive millions more dollars to help fund other areas of critical infrastructure.

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